I'm a Civil Servant and a writer
About the author

Born in New Delhi in 1970, Sharon Gupta graduated with English Honours from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi in 1990 and then acquired a Master’s Degree in English Literature from Delhi University.

She joined the Civil Services in 1994 and is currently posted in a field office under the Ministry of Communications in Chandigarh. She is married and has a teenage son.

My Favourite Writers

Ah, the list is long and exhaustive! Here it is but not in any particular order

1) William Shakespeare

2) Ian Rankin- famous for his John Rebus novels

3) Lee Child- famous for his Jack Reacher novels

4) Mark Billingham- for his Tom Thorne novels

5) Peter James- the Roy Grace series

6) Stephen Booth- the Cooper and Fry series

7) Henning Mankell- the Kurt Wallander series

8) Oliver Harris- The Hollow Man and House of Fame

9) Simon Kernick- Relentless and other novels

10) Robert Ludlum

11) Alister Maclean

12) Agatha Christie

13) Jane Austen

14) Margaret Atwood- The Blind Assassin 

Enclosed beneath is a link to an Alistair Maclean movie, Caravan to Vaccares.

The second is an excerpt from an interview with Lee Child.

Enjoy watching!

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